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Grading system

Some types of wood – for example beech – have a relatively calm grain. Others, like oak, are rich in structure, with a spectrum from calm to rustic. We offer a wide selection for you to choose from.
Wood is a product of nature – each tree has its own structure and individual colour combination. An image or a sample will therefore never be able to give you a complete picture of the finished floor. Please also note that the colour may change when exposed to light. As a guideline, darker wood species will get a more golden tone, whereas lighter species will become slightly darker.

The BOEN grading system


Calm Wood

Consistent growth; free of knots; standing or half-standing yearrings.

Lively Wood

Natural grading with small to medium knots; a limited spectrum of colours due to sapwood and heartwood.

Rustic Wood

Structure and vivid growth; larger knots and sapwood; a rich spectrum of colours.