Oak white Nature, Patterns (2-layer), Live Natural oil, white, 10,5 x 135 x 1350 mm

Oak white Nature

Patterns (2-layer) Oak Finesse 10.5mm, with bevel, brushed, Andante (Nature), Live Natural oil, white

Product Information

Product Type: Patterns (2-layer)
Wood: Oak white
Grading: Nature
Product Number: EBLE3MFD
Dimension: 10,5 x 135 x 1350 mm
Productline Details: Finesse 10.5mm, with bevel, brushed
Connection: Tongue & Groove
Floor Heating: Yes
Surface: Live Natural oil, white
Appearance: Light floors
Style: Pure Nordic, Classic Elegance
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Product Patterns

Patterns (2-layer)
Chaletino wide plank

Selected: Patterns (2-layer)


Live Matt lacquer, white
Live Natural oil, white

Selected: Live Natural oil, white


13.5 cm

Selected: 13.5 cm