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Stair nosings

Stair nosings made from BOEN parquet - the perfect match to your wood flooring!
The staircase is a highly-valued feature and design element.
Matching stairs are the communicative link that creates entirety and continuity between the different floors in your house.
Boen wood flooring - stairs
Picture: Spiral stairs with BOEN Oak Fineline in the NCC headquarter, Denmark.
5 good reasons to choose BOEN stair nosings:
1. Stair nosings made from parquet boards
2. Available for all our floors and colours
3. Outstanding edge-strength
4. Fits all types of stairs
5. Tread side-cover for open staircases
When choosing your staircase, select the stair model that fits your style and your house. Then choose the surface and the colour: create an exciting contrast or keep the same style like the rest of the interior. 

Open stairs

Boen wood flooring - Open stairs
 Contemporary, light and elegant, open stairs can make an eye-catching statement. Covered with hardwood flooring, you enhance warmth and naturalness.

Classic closed stairs

Boen wood flooring - Classic closed stairs
 Wooden stairs have their own charm and enhance the room with their look and scent. Precision work and skilled experience are required from the craftsman to deliver the highest quality.

Think safety

Boen Stair nosings with anti-slip inlays
All our stair noses can be delivered with built-in tread inlay. They help to visualize each step and provide additional safety.
Boen accessories - Available colors for the anti-slip inlays
Available colours for the tread inlays.

Stair nosings for individual solutions

BOEN offers matching stair nosings for every wood floor with exactly the same protected surface and color. Many options let your dream livingspace come true. From open stairs with required extra side treads to anti-slip inlays for your safety. Creating entirety!

Available on request

  • Different tread and riser dimensions.
  • Parquet covering to finalize the open sides of your stairs. Thickness: 3.5mm, Size: Up to a whole parquet board.
  • Tread inlays in different widths (1cm, 2cm).
  • Stair nosings for other 2-layer products: Maxi, Finesse.
  • Stair nosings with 14mm tongue and groove profile.

Choose now the stair nosings that fits your BOEN wood flooring and the style of your staircase:

Stair nosings with clic profile for BOEN 3-layer products

For classic closed stairs. Perfect for your 3-layer BOEN wood flooring.

Stair nosings with veneer at bottom edge for BOEN 3-layer products

For open stairs. Perfect for your 3-layer BOEN wood flooring.

Stair nosings for BOEN Chalet and Chaletino wide plank

For open or closed stairs. Perfect for your BOEN Chalet and Chaletino plank.

Stair nosings for BOEN 2-layer products

For open and closed stairs. Perfect for your 2-layer BOEN wood flooring.