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Adhesive and Compound

Compound, screed, parquet adhesive and parquet glue.
Bona H660 filler
Cementitious smoothing and levelling compound.
Coverage: approx. 1,5 kg /m² with trickness of 1 mm 
Package: 25 kg

Bona R410 primer
2-component epoxy resin for priming,  hardening and sealing various types of subfloor
Package: 5 kg

Bona primer D510
1-component primer for the preparation of substrates prior to using levelling compounds, in particular Bona H660
Package: 5 kg

Bona R848 adhesive
Elastic single-component adhesive, silane-modified adhesive
2-layer: 1000g/m² for Spatula B8
3-layer: 1250g/m² for Spatula B12

BOEN parquet glue
Wood and parquet glue for bonding groove and tongue