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BOEN offers a wide range of accessories – from insulating underlays, skirting boards made from BOEN parquet and profiles right through to stair nosings.
The key to keeping hardwood flooring looking pristine over the years is to ensure that it is cleaned and cared for correctly. With this in mind, we offer a comprehensive range of care and cleaning products.
various underlay systems

Underlay Systems

Glued, nailed or floating? Parquet can be installed on most types of flooring.

Skirtings made of BOEN parquet

Mouldings and skirtings

Skirting boards made from BOEN parquet, solid wood, veneered, traditional German profiled. Compliment your new BOEN floor with the suitable accessories!

Adhesive and Compound

Compound, screed, parquet adhesive and parquet glue.

radiator collars

Radiator collars

A range of radiator collars that conceal unsightly penetrations through floors. Available in a wide range dimensions and wood species.

Threshold mouldings

Thresholds are used in situations where a hardwood floor is meeting up with a second floor. A threshold will overlap the hardwood and create a defined transition to this second surface.

Stairnosings List

Stairnosings made from Boen parquet - the perfect match to your flooring!