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Find the details that make your house complete: choose skirtings and stair nosing matching your wood floor.
See the whole room as an entire project, and select wood flooring, skirtings, and stairs in the same material and colour.
These elements will make your rooms look bigger and create a coherent connection through the whole house.

The small detail that makes the big picture.

BOEN stair nosings matching the wood flooring.

Check the difference! Before and after!

Boen wood flooring - stair nosingBoen wood flooring - stair nosing
Pictures: @purewoodstudio

Check the difference! Before and after!

Boen wood flooring - stair nosing
Boen wood flooring - stair nosing

BOEN skirtings matching the wood flooring

Boen skirtings - Oak Andante Live Pure White
BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure lacquer, with matching skirtings

Boen skirtings - Oak Mystic Jungle
BOEN Oak Mystic Jungle, Live Natural oil, with matching skirtings 

What are you looking for? Check out our accessories assortment and complete your house.

Boen skirtings - Oak Andante white Live Pure detail

Mouldings and skirtings

Choose skirtings in the same colour as your wood flooring and create a beautiful frame that enhances the whole room.

BOEN Adhesive and Compound for wood flooring

Adhesive and Compound

Compound, screed, parquet adhesive and parquet glue.

Boen open stairs - detail

Stair nosings

Stair nosings made from BOEN parquet - the perfect match to your wood flooring!

Boen underlay for wood flooring - Various underlay systems

Underlay Systems

Glued, nailed or floating? Parquet can be installed on most types of flooring. Choose the right underlay!