Oak Epoca, Plank, Live Natural oil, 14 x 209 x 2200 mm

Handcrafted Floors

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Why choose Handcrafted floors from BOEN:

  1. Emotional floors with with personality
  2. Enhanced by hand
  3. Authentic look

Imperfect perfection

Our handrafted floors have a surface that adapts to today's market demands and trends: imperfections are highlighted instead of being hidden.
At BOEN, we've incorporated this trend into our hardwood floor development process and have created a range of strong wood floors full of character.

The surfaces, which look untreated, play with the originality of wood, which is why the imperfections and defective spots inthe structure are smoothed with black filler. Oak planks with cracks and large knots fit in the trend. We plane, smooth and fill them with care and passion. We focused on handcraftsmanship and tradition. The wood is turned into a true statement floor thanks to elaborate processes. The floors are highly emotional and invite you to touch them.

What can I choose from?


20.9 cm

Selected: 20.9 cm

Floor: Oak Epoca

Plank Oak Epoca with 4-sided bevel, deep brushed, handcrafted, Live Natural oil,

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Live Natural oil


20.9 cm

Technical Data:

Product Type: Plank
Wood: Oak Epoca
Product Number: SLGVZKWD
Dimension: 14 x 209 x 2200 mm
Productline Details: with 4-sided bevel, deep brushed, handcrafted
Connection: BOEN X-press Clic
Floor Heating: Yes
Appearance: Golden floors
Style: Modern Rustic, Urban Contrast