Opening of the new Bauwerk Boen Group building

By Sigrid Pigulla  – 

The new office building and both showrooms of the brands Bauwerk Parkett and BOEN were opened festively on 9 September 2014 in Kietaviškės, Lithuania.

Opening festivities with the Lithuanian Minister of Economic Affairs

A great deal has been invested in the location in Lithuania since the merger of the major parquet companies Bauwerk Parkett AG and BOEN AS in May 2013. The construction of the new office building and both showrooms began in November 2013. Nine months, their opening was celebrated together with the Lithuanian Minister of Economic Affairs, Evaldas Gustas. An oak tree was planted together with the executive management of the Bauwerk Boen Group.

Ideal production conditions in Lithuania

In Lithuania, the Bauwerk Boen Group has the ideal conditions for achieving the corporate goal of becoming Europe's most sought-after wooden flooring company. 1,200 employees produce seven million square metres of parquet each year on the 220,000 m2 company premises. This high production volume can only be achieved thanks to the combination of expert, motivated employees, state-of-the-art machines and efficient processes. Klaus Brammertz, CEO of the Bauwerk Boen Group, also emphasises this: "There are highly qualified employees in Lithuania thanks to the high quality of the schools and the educational options. It is, of course, also more cost-efficient to produce in Lithuania in comparison with other countries. This, however, is not the most important reason; at the end of the day, quality is what is most important to us."

Wood from the FSC-certified forests of Lithuania is primarily processed in one of the most modern parquet factories in Europe. The majority is oak roundwood, which is cut at a sawmill and then conditioned to the proper moisture content in one of the many drying chambers (drying capacity 6,300 m3).

Brand showrooms present products at the production location

Both parquet brands, Bauwerk Parkett and BOEN, which normally are presented separately on the market, each have their own brand showroom at this important production location. Visitors can immerse themselves in the different brand worlds and find inspiration there.


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