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Norwegian Craft Paris

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The perfect platform for Scandinavian design. The north presents itself on BOEN hardwood flooring at the Grand Palais in Paris.
The perfect platform for Scandinavian design
The north presents itself on BOEN hardwood flooring
at the Grand Palais in Paris.

From 10-13 September 2015, the imposing Grand Palais in Paris will
again be a mecca for those interested in art and design. This is when
Révélations, the international biennial for applied arts,
will once again take place.
In addition to 300 craftspeople, galleries, associations and
educational institutions from 15 countries,Norwegian Crafts will present
a range of excellent Scandinavian design and artwork in its own pavilion.

Under the programme title magic language//game of whispers, some fascinating and handcrafted pieces, some of which are highly complex,
from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden will be on display. They were selected as part of a “Chinese whispers” game by the
curators and are positioned next to one another in the style of a “relay race”. This gives rise to exciting relationships –a kind of magical
language between the objects and a harmonious interplay of design.

In this “game”, BOEN will be playing a decisive role. The organisers of the show wanted to make the highest standards of design and
style tangible, including when it came to the flooring. As a major design-oriented company from Norway, BOEN offered to showcase
its craftsmanship.The company chose the wide planks Oak Moon from the comprehensive BOEN portfolio for the 120 square metre
pavilion. With its fine grey-blue finish, the floor from the BOEN Fashion Collection is reminiscent of materials such as concreteand cement.
A style world that BOEN calls Urban Contrast. And this stylish contrast will now form the perfect platform in Paris to enable Scandinavia
to be experienced in its most beautiful form.