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New products to suit your style and your floor

By Sigrid Pigulla  – 

An innovative new surface-finish technology – Live Pure – gives floors an untreated and completely natural look, while also providing extreme resistance.

A most natural surface

In today’s design world one of the strongest trends is to use natural materials and surfaces, and there is a particular focus on genuine craft and untreated surfaces. With the introduction of the completely new surface-finish technology Live Pure, Boen gives the opportunity to choose flooring that preserves the naturalness of wood, without compromising on resistance against for example liquids.

An oak hardwood floor with the Live Pure finish conveys the impression of freshly sawn wood in its natural state. The ultra matt finish makes the wood look as though it has
been untreated in terms of colour, grain and touch. Live Pure surface treatment makes use of new technology, in order to bring us closer to nature by enhancing the warmth and natural beauty of untreated wood.

How does Live Pure work?

Thanks to a special treatment applied to the surface, Live Pure is a surface that protects the floor from dust, dirt, liquids and chemical agents, while at the same time appearing, looking and feeling like untreated or sanded raw wood. It also has a higher UV stability than standard lacquer and oil. Following installation and during usage, no surface treatment is needed.

What about the environment?

BOEN places considerable emphasis on protecting the environment during all phases of production. None of our lacquer or oil treatments emit gases, which are harmful to humans or the environment; this of course also includes our Live Pure finish, which is water based.

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