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BOEN signs Hamburg's new landmark: Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie

By Sigrid Pigulla  – 

Oak floors for eternity: Elbphilharmonie dining establishment focuses on authenticity with Boen hardwood flooring
Bridging the gap between Hanseatic tradition, a modern and urban brewing culture and the Nordic lifestyle, the design of the Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie dining establishment gives rise to an authentic feel-good atmosphere for all visitors to Hamburg’s new landmark. The interior designers from the design studio formwaende, who were responsible for the design concept and its realisation, chose to use oak planks by BOEN as the flooring for the over 1000 square metre area. Although the planks were laid in 2008, they had undergone an unusual transformation by the time the building opened in 2016. 

‘Our aim was to convey a Nordic lifestyle feel in all its rawness, simplicity and honesty. The oak floor made up of wide planks embodies this authenticity well and is beautifully long-lasting’, says Florian Kienast, CEO of Buero formwaende GmbH, outlining the reasons for his choice. ‘BOEN offered the perfect product for our approach and was an excellent partner even in the planning stages, from the first consultation to pattern selection and delivery’.

However, the long construction period of the Elbphilharmonie brought the interior designers crashing back down to earth several times despite their initial euphoria. And quite literally at that. Over the course of eight years, the completion date for the Elbphilharmonie was postponed time and again. During this time, numerous alterations to the design were made at once, and these also had an effect on the oak floor that comprises a large glued surface area. What in 2008 seemed to be best showcased with a natural wood colour, a honey-coloured brown, would end up inspiring guests some years later in a Nordic grey.

‘The challenge lay in changing the colour of the wood but retaining the natural appearance in terms of its grain and structure. In close cooperation with BOEN and the company Bona, which has been a byword for care products, oils and waxes for wooden floors for around a hundred years, we’ve developed a process whereby the floors are sanded first then sealed again using grey pigmented oil. Throughout the realisation process, flooring technician Ralf Kohfeldt was a reliable partner’, says Kienast. 

The overall result is well worth seeing and merges perfectly with the general architecture of the Elbphilharmonie. 
The whole dining area offers visitors a warm and high-contrast but nevertheless intimate atmosphere thanks to selected solid materials, furniture and colour components in black-grey, concrete-light grey and natural wood colours – in contrast to the typical Störtebeker red. 

‘In the dining area at the Elbphilharmonie, design studio formwaende has created a work of art that can meet the overall demands of the location in any form. The design concept is based on a selected few but highly authentic materials. The ambience has a reduced Nordic feel but feels anything but cold, and is also trendy without seeming superficial or fashionable. It incorporates materials that will become more beautiful over time. A style that will continue to appeal for years to come. This is the link between the project and the standards we expect of our products. We at BOEN are more than a little proud to have made a contribution to Hamburg’s newest landmark’, says Guido Müller, Vice President of the BOEN Brand. 

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