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BOEN is ready for the future

By Finn Roger Opdeal  – 

End consumers have never had as much power. BOEN is adapting eagerly to the frequent changes in the market, but retain the focus and need of existing customers at the same time.
- “It is essential to have a good open dialogue with our customers. We need to listen to them – and to understand what is happening in the market. And thus, social media is an increasingly important avenue for us. Here we encounter both end consumers and professionals, such as architects and flooring contractors. We want to continue being a leading supplier of hardwood flooring, and therefore we need to be where the decision makers are. The new digital media gives us that opportunity.  Simultaneously, we still use traditional communication channels“, says Geir Wåland, CEO of BOEN. 

- “How do you work in order to adjust to changes?”

- “We have worked strategically and consciously to adapt to what is often called the customer journey. We need to understand these processes and be both present and visible when decisions are made. It is also true that we must constantly be adaptable and innovative, so that we manage to be an attractive option tailored to individual taste and style without sacrificing the high quality standard we have set upon ourselves.”

- “In what way are you different from your competitors?”

- “BOEN has always, and shall always, be synonymous with quality and a safe choice. These core values are very important to stick to. The competition is tough, and that fact forces us to continuously understand trends and movements and act accordingly. We seek help from professionals and designers, both internally and externally. For decades now, we have been in the top league of hardwood floor manufacturers, and in order to maintain this position, we have to adjust and evolve constantly.”  

- “BOEN is a part of Bauwerk Boen Group. What is the significance of that?”

- “BOEN is a strong brand name. BOEN is well known for its quality flooring manufactured by skilled professionals with great knowledge and expertise.  As a part of Bauwerk Boen Group, we have received greater attention internationally. It also equips us with more skills, which again makes us even more competitive and attractive. Bauwerk Boen Group is Europe´s leading manufacturer of parquet flooring, having sold around 10 million square meters in 2015. We are very proud of that.”
- “BOEN floors are sold in almost 60 countries around the world. Which markets are the most important to you?”

- “Norway and Germany are our largest and most important markets. It is nice to see that BOEN is capturing ever more market shares in an otherwise flat market, both in these countries and in many of the others countries we are represented in.” 

- “Is the goal to be as big as possible?”

- “We are committed to continue building our brand, and to increase awareness among our customers and audience of what BOEN is and delivers.  We believe healthy growth is built on this principle. We are part of a competitive industry and that is precisely why it is important to stay focused on quality, products, and skills, whether it is in regards of B2B or B2C.”

- “What do the customers want?” 

- “Undoubtedly, in large people prefer hardwood floors. And the environmental benefits of this fact, is indisputable. It is, however, a paradox that 40 percent of all the floors sold today, look like or reminiscent wood, but in fact are not. Only 6 percent are. This is a clear signal we believe offers a lot of opportunities, and we use the logo "Real Wood" on our marketing material. It is reserved for authorized manufacturers within the European trade association for parquet (FEP).”

- “In what way do you ensure that customers make a proper stylistic choice?”

- “We define our products according to four established and well known styles: Pure Nordic, Modern Rustic, Urban Contrast and Classic Style. By doing this, we make it easier for the customers to define their style and taste. The customers have quickly embraced this definition of style, and view it as a useful tool in finding flooring that suits them best. Although the four styles are established and constant, we work non stop trying to understand coming trends and develop new products which renew established styles. Some of the news from this year, have been developed from the trend "Drama is the new black".  These trends naturally categorize under Urban Contrast. Our style system is easy and understandable, and we have noticed that an increasing number of companies in the industry have adopted our system. Furthermore, within the four styles, you can find inspiration and other products, colors and materials that match our floors.”

- “How do you cooperate with the retailers?”

- “We have a defined understanding of the customer journey, which makes it easier for the chains and stores who sell our floors. We have developed products and communication based on this insight, which both they and their customers find advantageous. We value that our customers shop and receive assistance from people, and thus, it is important that the retailers are confident and can vouch for the products they sell.” 

- “How do you make sure of that?”

- “We provide service, and we supply the retailers with more than just the floor itself. We ensure that they receive adequate and appropriate technical knowledge and training. We also make sure that they know about our style system, and how it constantly develops accordingly to new products. All of this makes them more suited to interact with customers. We know that our B2B customers highly appreciate our quality, safety and no fuss-products. Therefore we do our best to maintain our high standards and at the same time inspire the customers so that BOEN is and will be the preferred choice.” 

If you require further information, please feel free to contact us:

Finn Roger Opdeal
Marketing Director
Phone: + 47 932 69 204