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BOEN at BAU 2017

By Stefanie Grubbe  – 

Dramatic black or some time out for the soul: BOEN brings current interior design trends to hardwood flooring
As a style advisor in the field of hardwood flooring, BOEN will present its realisation of the latest interior trends in the form of new designs for its hardwood floors at Bau 2017. Trends that are characterised above all by contrasts: dramatic black tones compete with understated powder tones and authentic oak planks in a used look to the benefit of the style-conscious customer. The new floors are the result of an elaborate development process carried out in close cooperation with renowned international interior trend expert Gudy Herder.

'Our approach is to develop floors that correspond to the latest design trends. We see it as our job to act as a style advisor to the end customer at all times. In order to do this in a credible way, we keep a very close eye on global furnishing fashions and developments', says Guido Müller, Vice President of the BOEN brand. 'Each product development at BOEN starts with a precise market and trend analysis for which we draw on information from the most varied of sources. Evaluations by international trend agents are as much a part of this as design magazines, blogs and of course visits to international trade shows such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Milan Design Week and IMM in Cologne'.

Numerous discussions with young designers and looking at the bigger picture also help to provide new impetus. 'It is the discussions with up-and-coming designers that have not yet been subjected to commercial forces that provide fresh, untapped ideas', continues Müller. At BOEN, we have developed hardwood floors based on the three leading trends, namely "Drama is the new Black", "Pause" and "Essential" and these will be presented to a trade audience for the first time at Bau 2017 and will then be commercially available from January 2017.

“Drama is the new Black” 

'One of our focal points was on black wood floors in various structures and colours – a trend that gives rise to a dramatic interior look, particularly when combined with wall designs in black shades and the use of brass in pieces of furniture. For us, it was important that the pigmented seal could withstand extreme stresses and did not wear away. As the floor is homogeneous in terms of colour even over a wide surface area, the wood structure becomes more important. It must remain visible and tangible and has been emphasised even more by brushing the surface', explains BOEN product manager Andreas Tippel about the standards expected of surface technology.

Oak Chalk Black Castle

BOEN will present a total of two new floors in line with the motto "Drama is the new Black": fine and elegant in the silk matt continuous dark black finish "Oak Ebony" and a very smoky and matt anthracite tone "Chalk Black" (in the picture). Both floors are manufactured with top layers made from oak.

Soft neutrals for a break from everyday life

'In contrast to the rather more masculine and dramatic black, there is also a trend for very subtle and warm flooring colours in subdued and reserved shades', says trend expert Gudy Herder. 'The oft-cited word "cocooning" is still very current and the corresponding design trend has continued to develop over the past few years. The floors in this trend make a clear and timeless statement and underline the search for the authenticity, calm, cosiness and safety that our homes offer us. The trend name "Pause" actually describes this feeling particularly well. The ambience conveys the sense of enjoying a break from everyday life'.

Oak Mild Grey Castle

At the same time, the new "Soft Neutral Colour" hardwood floors go perfectly with the luxury materials in upmarket furniture and accessories, such as fine leather, velvet, root wood and marble and other polished stone surfaces – cosy, but upmarket and elegant. 'Important for this look is the tone-in-tone coordination of the matt surfaces in order to create a discreet and gentle look', adds Herder. BOEN brings this trend to the floor in three grey shades – the matt, almost sandy looking lighter oak Warm Cotton and the somewhat darker versions Oak Mild Grey (in the picture) in a light "smoky grey" and Oak Horizon that offers a clear and very homogeneous grey tone. The colour pigmentation pushes the wood structure of the oak subtly into the background and gives rise to a very nice reduced look. Thanks to the brushed surface, it is still possible to feel the structure. 

Back to the roots - "Essential" 

With its implementation of the interior trend "Essential", BOEN proves that modernity and a consciously traditional handcrafted look are not mutually exclusive. 'The more technology-centric our environment becomes, the more we long in our homes for surfaces that convey sensory experiences. The trend for high-quality handmade furniture and accessories that look raw and untreated continues to be popular. As a contrast to the throwaway mentality, repaired and visibly treated areas are regarded more as a sign of quality than a flaw in this day and age. In our fast-paced times, objects with a visible history in the form of a patina give a clear sense of stability and orientation. It is exactly this trend that we showcase perfectly with our oak planks that are aged and processed by hand in several work steps', says Andreas Tippel.

Oak Antique Brown Castle
Oak Antique Brown Castle

Here, each oak plank is unique and requires a lot of work by hand: cracks and knots are carefully cleaned, filled with contrasting materials, sanded and then worked on by hand. Often, additional traces of use are worked into the wood, giving the planks the same look as wood floors that have been subjected to hard stress over decades.

"Your style, your floor" – our motto is also our ethos. Regardless of the living style our customers opt for, BOEN always offers floors that go perfectly with that style', concludes Tippel. 

If you require further information, please feel free to contact us:

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