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BOEN Production

Since the three Baltic countries became independent states again, in the early 1990s, the whole of this region has been undergoing extremely rapid development. With its plentiful supply of timber and competitive prices, the Baltic’s were a very interesting area for BOEN. Raw materials were purchased from this area for several years. Towards the end of the 1990s, BOEN entered into a closer collaboration with the Lithuanian Libra Group, with positive and fruitful results.  

In 1998, BOEN purchased the timber mill UAB Dominga Mill from the Libra Group. This acquisition enabled BOEN to develop its manufacturing capability in an increasingly tough market. UAB BOEN Lietuva is today a timber mill and factory with sophisticated production lines, a strong focus on quality and employees with a high level of expertise.  

BOEN’s operation in Lithuania

BOEN LIETUVA includes sawmill operation as well as finishing of engineered hardwood flooring. The third plant, Dominga NIK is a sawmill in Kaliningrad,Russia. These companies are under the management of Irmantas Rajuncius. BOEN Lietuva is the largest hardwood lumber yard for hardwood production in the whole of the Baltic region. They supply products to both the hardwood flooring and the furniture industry.  

BOEN Lietuva processes timber, has extensive kiln capacity and planes hardwood for hardwood flooring production. Several lines with engineered parquet products as well as solid plank are also manufactured at this factory. The saw mills in Lithuania produce annually approx. 100.000 m³ of raw material for hardwood flooring and furniture manufacturers.