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Trend: Balancing Act

By Oda Tellefsen  – 

Photo: Jonas Ingerstedt Photography Colour: Styling: Jill Windahl
We at BOEN always enjoy working with the latest trends to always keep you up to date.
As your Style Adviser, our goal is to recognize the trends early. We work
together with internationally renowned trend expert Gudy Herder, to accomplish
our goal. Together we visit trade fairs and shows, talk to designers and host
workshops. We follow blogs, influencers and search for inspiring people on
Instagram. This is incorporated directly into our product development process, so
that we can deliver quality products that fits your style.

As a result, the new hardwood floors are well suited for the upcoming trends for 2018,
but at the same time, products that will last through changes and will be a match for
your style.
Balancing Act is a term that embodies the meeting point of mindfulness and
multiculturalism captured during the growing nomadic lifestyle and recorded in the
light shades that give comfort wherever you live.

As our day to day speeds up and time feels scarce with constant travels - which on
one hand fuel us, but on the other leave us feeling empty at the same time - we will
find inspiration in moments of disconnection, and joy in slowness.

Photo: Jotun Colour: Jotun 6350 Soft Teal

Our awareness of how we consume keeps expanding, resulting in products that are
increasingly built to last. And for those that do not, the circular economy will renew
and even meet the highest design standard.

Photo: Jotun Colour: Jotun 6350 Soft Teal

This trend specifies supple and intensely tactile products that are irresistible to our
senses. Both natural and high tech, we are seeing patterns, forms, and textures that
call for us to engage and feel. High tech solutions comes in round shapes, like sound,
light or heating systems, designed to make our life easier.       

Photo: Nick Rochowski, Monika Pendant by Naomi Paul 

Slow Design is more than a trend. It is becoming a here and now to counteract fast
life, it is moving towards a life philosophy. New does not always mean better, and
stripping away excess brings us towards lightness and well-being. Find simple and
concise soultions, to formulate a clean look that expresses yourself.

Photo: Jotun Colour: Jotun 20054 Silky Pink and Jotun 2588 Myk

 Traditional craftsmanship fused with innovative design such as 3D printing allows
functional pieces to become art objects.

Reflection, mindfulness and self-care become paramount of our wellbeing. Protection
is found in softly structured silhouettes. 45 and 90-degree angles appear to pull back
and to make room for round shapes, combined with colors that convey spaciousness
and purity.

Photo: UNFOLD Design Studio

It is all about finding the right balance between a nomadic lifestyle and staying home;
an active multicultural encounter; solitude, craftsmanship and technology.

Colours and finishes are inspired by pure, clean and fuss-free natural cosmetics.
However, the look is not earthy-crunchy; it leans toward an uncluttered with a clean


A group of uncomplicated and soothing neutrals: light stone, warm grey and soft
white blend into layers of muted pastels such as misty yellow and green, milky pink.
Warm caramelo completes a pretty color palette.
Soft colours and pale surfaces are elements of this trend. Our new floors provide a
light shade that fits perfectly with a light colour palette. In a natural tone or with
grey surfaces, these floors would be perfect with a clean design and symmetrical
interior elements.


Influences that are balanced are important. The natural meets the high tech in this trend,
and is also a key element for the Live Pure floors. The natural look of wood is protected
by the Live Pure surface. 

grading grading
 Ash Live Pure                                               Oak Andante Live Pure
 Oak Warm Cotton Live Pure                         Oak Mild Grey Live Pure

  Oak Horizon Live Pure

Choose your favourite trend, choose the hardwood floor that you like and find the closest retailer!

Do you wish the see more? See our floor finder. 

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