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Trend: Raw and Refined

By Oda Tellefsen  – 

Photo: Jotun, Colour: Jotun 10966 Almond Beige and Jotun 20047 Blushing Peach
We at BOEN always enjoy working with the latest trends to always keep you up to date. As your Style Adviser, our goal is to recognize the trends early.
We work together with internationally renowned trend expert Gudy Herder, to
accomplish our goal. Together we visit trade fairs and shows, talk to designers and
host workshops. We follow blogs, influencers and search for inspiring people on
Instagram. This is incorporated directly into our product development process, so
that we can deliver quality products that fits your style.

As a result, the new hardwood floors are well suited for the upcoming trends for 2018,
but at the same time, products that will last through changes and will be a match for
your style
Objects and designs look raw. Inspired by raw materials but adding a subtle touch
of refinement.

Living room
Photo: Ferm Living

There is a current fashionable trend driving retail towards health and wellbeing. In
response, we see a rise in brands and designers with nature-based products
addressing this ever-growing desire for transparency and connection to the earth. We
see a refined rawness, an openness to discuss feelings of duality taking centre stage
with a desire for a simple and essential aesthetics, disconnected from technology or
even civilisation.  

Consumer awareness is slowly being awakened, generating an increase in their
appetite for more personalised pieces of furnishings within the home.

Photo: Jotun Colour: Jotun 10981 Norwegian wood

Objects and designs look raw, inspired by raw materials but adding a subtle touch of
refinement. Patterned effects such as unprocessed wool, burnished leathers, onyx and
concrete are counterbalanced with velvety patinas on metals and fabrics. Decorative
containers, candle holders, rugs, sculpture coloured glass, all show the duality
combining raw and sophisticated finishings in one piece.

Photo: Ellinor Portnoy

Open structured lava stone or terrazzo meets real and faux marble veining. Terrazzo
is being used for flooring, table top counters, tile for kitchen and bath. The pattern
itself is used in graphic design, textiles and fashion.

Photo: David Thulsrup

Cellulose, cotton, linen, clay, wood and reloaded terrazzo are this trends' materials
that are expertly crafted and not as rough-hewn as we have seen in the past. New
colours of marble and onyx are carefully placed.

Photo: CC Tapis Handmade contemporary designer rugs

Sustainable materials and ones that simply emanate earthiness result in forms and
textures that focus on the corporeality of product. Brands, designers and artisans
will need to offer full brand transparency on how and where they produce to keep
long-time clients and attract new generations of consumers.

Photo: Ferm Living

Graceful and pure lines live in harmony with exquisite imperfections in forms and


 A backbone of autumnal colours including charcoal, pine green, toffee and ochre are
partnered with chestnut and toasted pumpkin. A lighter old rose adds lightness and a
season less touch.  
With nature-based products as an important element of this trend, our Handcrafted
floors are rustic and express character. See also our Live Pure floors that are softer
and lighter. With the Live Pure surface treatment, all our floors provide the most
natural look of untreated wood, creating a natural balance to the colour palette with
autumnal colours.

All these floors fit perfectly with the interior elements that are typical for this trend
 – cotton, linen, clay and stone – in a more refined way

  Oak Animoso Live Pure                                 Oak Pale White Live Pure

  Oak Vintage White                                        Oak Espressivo White

  Oak Espressivo                                              Oak Epoca

  Oak Antique Brown

Choose your favourite trend, choose the hardwood floor that you like and find the closest retailer!

Do you wish the see more? See our floor finder.

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