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By Oda Tellefsen  – 

Fredrik Ringe
The Brickhouse, Photo: Fredrik Ringe
Some have already decided which floor they want in advance, and others need time to decide.It is a choice that will affect your house and your interior, on average; for the next seven years. Marita Hamre, Architect for Husgalleriet and Kielland AS, has chosen BOEN flooring for several of her projects. We asked Marita what she does when it comes to choosing flooring and what is trending right now.


Marita thinks it is important that the floor should be a natural part of the interior and
form an entirety. She uses her time well when it comes to choosing the right floor, as
the floor is a large and important surface in a room.

Living room
Photo: Fredrik Ringe
– A parquet floor is supposed to last a very long time. That’s why it is important to
find a floor that gives you a good feeling. Some people prefer floors with a smooth
surface, and others would like to bring forth the structure of the tree. We have noticed
that the trends move more towards a rough floor, where the structure of the tree and
the imperfections are highlighted (See our Handcrafted floors). In Europe, this trend
has been seen for several years now, with everything from a sawdust structure to a
wavier and “worn” surface.

Marita has used BOEN flooring for several of her projects, and has good experience
with the quality of the floor.

– BOEN offers parquet in several price ranges, making it possible to find a floor that
fits both the style you want for the interior and considers the budget.


When Marita is choosing floors for her projects, she wants to find a floor that creates
harmony with the style that both she and customers look for in a new house.

– We put together a colour-and material palette that explains something about the
walls, windows, and roof colours; and the flooring type. It is important that each
house is customized for each customer. That’s why we are giving ample time for
discussion about what the customers like, and which style they want for their new
house before we choose the right materials and colours.


One of the houses that Marita has designed with BOEN flooring is the Brickhouse.

Living room
Photo: Fredrik Ringe

– The Brickhouse was designed for an Indian family that has lived in Norway for
over 30 years. They wanted an interior that would reflect their Indian heritage, and
blend with the Nordic style. The white façade was established in the regulatory plan,
so to create a contrast to the cold white exterior of the house and to create a balmy
atmosphere, we decided to go for a beige-brown colour palette, which is continuous
on all the walls, roof and permanent inventory. Walnut quickly became the wood
species that would unite the Nordic style and Indian heritage.  

dining room
Photo: Fredrik Ringe

– BOEN flooring was chosen because they could deliver walnut parquet in plank,
which had the right glow and the right colour tone. The structure and the colour
variations of walnut can vary significantly, dependent upon where the tree comes
from. For us it was important that the structure of the walnut was calm, with a nice
grading. The price was also a decisive. Walnut Andante has a reasonable price
considering the quality of the tree. 

Photo: Fredrik Ringe

For the main floor, Walnut Andante plank was chosen, and for the sub floor
Walnut Andante 3-strip. If you are on a budget, this is a good tip for you if you
want the same hardwood floors in your entire house. Choose plank in the large rooms
where the surfaces are big, and choose 3-strip in smaller rooms where the floor often
is covered by furniture, like bedrooms. 


The Woodhouse that Marita designed also has BOEN flooring. The colour palette for
this house is a bit colder than the Brickhouse, with a pale grey colour on all the
internal walls, roof, and the flooring on the sub level.

Tree house
Photo: Lise Bjelland

 – Even though a cold grey colour was chosen, the rooms still feel balmy. We
 searched carefully for the perfect floor to use for the main level.

Living room
Photo: Lise Bjelland

 – When we were searching for flooring to the Woodhouse we looked for as dark a
floor as possible, and one that also had some structure and could be delivered with
combatable stair nosings. I think we were a bit premature looking for dark floors
back in 2013-2014. The selection of dark flooring has been more developed during
the past few years. We selected Oak Arizona plank, due to the “dusty” colour.

Living room

In the Woodhouse, stair nosings were also an important factor when choosing the

– The fact that BOEN also offers stair nosings in the same wood species and colour
of the parquet how we decided on BOEN for the Woodhouse. We wanted a product
that could help us create the illusion that the floor on the second level folds down the
stairs to the lower level. When you have stair nosings and parquet in the same colour
as the parquet, it gives you the opportunity to create seamless transitions between the
levels. This makes the surface of the floor an entirety that flows between the levels.

Photo: Lise Bjelland 


When it comes to styling, Marita says that the most important thing is to find a style
that you are comfortable with.

– Don’t just follow the trends that are shown in interior magazines or blogs, exactly,
but use them as inspiration and pick out the parts you like and make it personal. I also
think it is important to have some of your own history in the interior. Furniture, décor,
paintings etc. that are inherited are part of a story that gives insight to who lives in the
house, where they come from, and who they are. Dark interior often feels difficult to
choose, but Marita says that it can bring a completely different feeling to the home than
what you might expect.

living room
Photo: Lise Bjelland

 – Dark floors and dark wall colours gives a very different warmth and glow to a
room, compared to light floors and white walls. A lot of people are afraid of choosing
dark colours in the beginning, but with the right guidance when it comes to lighting,
and composition of the furniture, there is no reason to fear the darkness. 

 – When you dare to choose something that you normally wouldn’t go for, that’s
when you are most likely to end up with a result that you are proud of and that will
impress others. Darker colours and materials also highlight other elements, so that
the colour on the walls floors, are highlighted in a completely different way, compared
to white surfaces.

Here you can read more about Marita, Kielland AS and Husgalleriet

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