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BOEN’s new hardwood flooring 2017!

By Vilde Høsfloth  – 

Whether you come from the design and interior industry, or simply have a passion for styling and furnishing your home in a trend-conscious way: our latest hardwood floors will make every room shine.
For us, it is important to know the latest trends in interior design and
create matching hardwood floors that are infused with style and atmosphere.

Together with internationally renowned interior trend expert Gudy Herder,
we visit trade fairs and shows, talk to designers, host workshops and follow
lots of international blogs. The findings from this work are then incorporated
directly into our product development process.

Our new hardwood floors for this year are based on three different trends, "Drama is the new black", "Pause" and "Essential". Let’s take a look at them!

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Drama is the new Black

Whether you’re pro-darkness or not, you can’t argue that black rules the interior design world.
Whether you’re pro-darkness or not, you can’t argue that black rules the interior design world.

About the floors
Strong colours with matt surfaces are the best choice for the black colours trend. An important aspect is to showcase the magic of the wood: its grain and incomparable depth, warmth and vibrancy, even with dark tones. This is why the surfaces are brushed – in order to optimally emphasis their natural structure.

Our hardwood floor recommendations for this trend: The pure black

How can you implement this trend? 

In 2017, black is no longer being combined with copper, but brass finishes are taking over in terms of metal accessories. Natural wood in frames and flooring are a great ally, while larger plants in terracotta pots are the perfect add-on. Elegance can be added to pure black interiors by complementing them with little blots of dark green or blue.

Initially, it was a widespread misunderstanding that black didn’t work in small rooms or areas with little or no daylight. In fact, quite the opposite is true: black is easier to apply in areas with little or no daylight, for example where an eclectic art gallery and a generous amount of textures will definitely create a more exciting contrast.

In small spaces with little natural light the best advice is not to fight nature, but rather to embrace the darkness and create a dramatic and cocooning-like interior.


Pause is a lifestyle trend that is about deep relaxation. The inner peace everyone is seeking and the need to express ourselves is mirrored in the designs.

Interiors don’t need to be bold and colourful to make a statement. The designs here are quiet, tender, delicate and contemplative. Time is a luxury and reflective thinking is key. 

The soft tones are nicely accentuated in all the displayed fabrics, products and interiors, but there is also a strong emphasis on the shapes and forms of the products. The cosmetic colour palette is not only pleasing to the eye because of the wide and harmonious colour variety; it has a deeper meaning that just the aesthetic aspect.

About the floors

The finishing and colours of our wood flooring have been developed to underline our search to be ourselves with adaptable, smooth surfaces where mind and soul can rest in a timeless environment. 

This has led to the creation of three floors in various grey tones. From smoky grey and sand grey to a clear and very sophisticated grey tone, we offer oak planks whose expressive structure is softened in an elegant way and shimmers through subtly. 

They form the calm basis for a tone-on-tone style of furnishing in combination with cosmetic trend colours. Hardwood floors that are restrained, look natural and exude calm: the calm that it takes to recover from a demanding day.
How can you implement this trend?
This trend has been evolving from very abstract biomorphic-looking furniture into a more day-to-day look. A look that we can create in our homes and that adds the much-needed texture via tactile furniture. These refined living zones don’t have to shout about their style - their poetic frugality adds to a rather tech-free lifestyle. 

In opposition to the demanding workaday life, the colours and designs of the peace-embracing furniture provide protection and are like a second skin. 

This way we feel secure, sheltered and fully authentic - we can be ourselves, at least in our homes.


In a world in which fashions change fast, the consumer has a Deep desire to go back to the simple and essential.

Looking back at our roots as humans, as well as history and our many forgotten crafts, with this trend we dig into the archives of mankind and put emphasis on the fact that new is not always better. 

A shift can be observed towards handmade products that are designed to be long lasting, enduring and sustainable. It’s about consuming less but in a more meaningful way. To an even greater extent we long for a simpler and more primal way of life.

The materials that best reflect this trend are leather, felt, wool, fur, lava stone, stone and wood. 

About the floors

At BOEN, we’ve incorporated this trend into our hardwood floor development process and have created a strong collection full of character. 

The surfaces, which look untreated, play with the originality of wood, which is why the imperfections and defective spots in the structure are smoothed with black filler. This creates exceptional and individual hardwood floors that, with their deep-seated cracks and sublime knots, their deeply brushed surfaces and simple but beautiful appearance, are transformed into a true haptic and visual experience within the room. 

As a result, we have created a product that is highly emotional and invites you to touch, respects the course of nature and adapts to today’s market demands and trends.
How can you implement this trend?
This idea of embracing our roots can be traced to wabi-sabi, the Japanese art of finding beauty in the imperfection and profundity of nature: it is simple, slow and uncluttered. 

In addition to wabi sabi, the old Japanese mending practice of kintsugi has been adapted into product development.Kintsugi is the art of fixing broken objects by filling them with gold, as it is believed that if something has suffered damage then it has a great history, which makes it even more beautiful.

The materials look raw and unprocessed. These so-called“distressed surfaces” are a part of a much needed sensory experience. Touches of green, blue and ochre are added to match the aesthetics of the present and future.

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