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Tips & Advice with Rune

Here we will post tips and advice about everything that has to do with flooring. We are pleased to have Rune with us, BOENs technical manager, who will help us with this!
Rune has worked with us for 26 years and he knows everything there is to know about flooring. Quality, accuracy and development of hardwood flooring has been the focus since the beginning of his career at BOEN. Rune began at the workshop as a mechanic. He has also worked many years with construction and as plant manager until 2011.

Maintenance of lacquered hardwood floor

Did you know that a lacquered hardwood floor should not be washed with washing up liquid or branded floor soaps that are not synthetic PH neutral?

Maintenance of oiled hardwood floors

This is how you maintain and take care of your BOEN oiled hardwood floor

Choose the right hardwood floor underlay

A hardwood floor underlayment with high density reduces movements and risk of squeaks in the hardwood floor. In addition, you get a underlay with very good audio characteristics.

Why choose Live Pure

Rune, BOENs technical manager, explains what Live Pure is and why Live Pure surface provides the best hardwood floors

Four reasons why BOENs hardwood floors are the best quality

Rune, BOENs technical manager, explains what why BOENs hardwood floors are the best quality

Wood flooring or laminate?

The choice is yours, but there are some specific reasons why Rune, BOEN’s technical manager, thinks BOEN wood flooring is the best choice