Oak Live Pure Vivo, Plank, Live Pure lacquer, 14 x 209 x 2200 mm
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  • Ultra-matt Natural Finish

  • Higher Wear Resistance 

  • Innovative Surface Technology

  • BOEN's 25 years Warranty

What is Live Pure?
An innovative new surface finish technology that gives BOEN floors an untreated and completely natural look and that keeps the natural color over time.

Why should I choose Live Pure?
In today's design world there is a strong emphasis on natural materials and surfaces. With the introduction of "Live Pure," hardwood floor specialist BOEN gives the opportunity to choose a flooring that preserves the naturalness of wood, without compromising on resistance against dirt and for example liquids.

How Does Live Pure work?
Thanks to a special treatment applied to the surface, Live Pure is a laquer system that protects the floor from dust, dirt, liquids and chemical agents. Floors are maintenance-free and the natural look of untreated wood is retained.


BOEN offers Ash, Walnut and Oak Planks treated with Live Pure in the classic width of 138mm, as well as the wider Castle Plank width of 209mm. The Ash and Oak planks are brushed and all planks have a bevel on the longside of the boards. Simple and quick to install with the BOEN X-press Clic Connection. Oak Plank now also available as a 3-strip flooring in both calm and rustic sortings.
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20.9 cm
18.1 cm
13.8 cm

Selected: 20.9 cm

Floor: Oak Live Pure Vivo

Plank Oak Live Pure Castle, with bevel, brushed, Vivo, Live Pure lacquer 86 5/8"x8 1/4"x9/16",

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Live Pure lacquer


20.9 cm

Technical Data:

Product Type: Plank
Wood: Oak Live Pure
Grading: Vivo
Product Number: EBGVV3FD
Dimension: 14 x 209 x 2200 mm
Productline Details: Castle, with bevel, brushed
Connection: BOEN X-press Clic
Floor Heating: Yes
Appearance: Golden floors
Style: Modern Rustic