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Underfloor Heating

BOEN hardwood floors and underfloor heating? No problem! Read here why...

Parquet and underfloor heating?

BOEN hardwood flooring is an ideal floor covering for placing on top of under-floor heating systems. It looks attractive and has favourable thermal  resistance properties.

General information 

A well-functioning under-floor heating system, hot water or electrical, results in ideal thermal distribution throughout the area to be heated, giving maximum comfort. It is therefore necessary for the floor- covering to have good thermal conductivity, i.e. low resistance to heat transmission.
There are many different types of under-floor heating systems available, e.g. electric cable, hot water pipes and low voltage foils, the majority of which can be used together with BOEN hardwood flooring.
For concrete screeded floors, BOENs 14mm (for glue-down or floating) or 10mm Prestige (for glue-down only) should be used. Pipes and cables must be covered with a min. of 30mm concrete. This process must be carried out by professionals.

Major requirements concerning concrete screed 

The screed must be laid according to contractual specifications and Planning Authority requirements. When overlaying screed, moisture must not exceed 1.5% CM or max. 90ºRH when the hardwood flooring is laid. Ideally the screed will have been laid at least 4 weeks prior to the heating system is being used. The first time the heating system is used it should be run at 2/3 output for at least 2 weeks so that escaping moisture can evaporate without causing damage and the screed can dry and attain its final moisture content. 1 week before the hardwood flooring is laid the heating should be reduced to approx. 18ºC/64ºF.

Laying BOEN hardwood flooring 

If the heated under-floor is a concrete screed the waterpipes must be covered by 30mm reinforced concrete/levelling screed, and should be covered with a layer of suitable non thermal resistant underlay.
BOEN sports floors have special requirements, please contact BOEN Bruk AS.
Before laying commences refer to BOEN’s installation instructions for floating floors which provide specific details of site  requirements.
Preference should be given to fully adhering the boards directly to the subfloor.

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