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Trends 2017

This year will be a year of exciting new hardwood floors. As your Style Advisor, we do all we can to recognise tendencies and trends at an early stage - always keeping your style up to date.
Together with internationally renowned interior trend expert Gudy Herder, we visit trade fairs and shows, talk to designers, host workshops and follow lots of international blogs. The findings from this work are then incorporated directly into our product development process.

The results of this exciting “influence” is something you can experience in our new hardwood floors. These wood floors allow you to create your  latest and most interesting style yourself.

Choose your favourite trend, choose the hardwood floor that you like and find the closest retailer!

Trend - Pause

Pause is a lifestyle trend that is about deep relaxation. Our new products in Live Pure surface reflects our instinctive need to calm down.

Trend - Essential

We launch new products with a distressed handcrafted surface that adapts to today’s market demands and trends: imperfections are highlighted instead of being hidden.

Trend - Drama is the new black

Whether you’re pro-darkness or not, you can’t argue that black rules the interior design world. The Live Pure products have been inspired by the renaissance of dark shades.