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A new floor? No regrets with Live Pure

By Vilde Høsfloth  – 

A new floor? No regrets with Live Pure
One thing Elin was certain of, she was determined on choosing the right hardwood floor for her home this time.
-    I couldn't decide which hardwood floor I wanted for our previous home, so we ended up with the traditional lacquered 3-strip hardwood floor which give a yellow tint to the Oak.
It was something I regret and it bothered me all the time we lived there.

BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure
BOEN Oak Andante white plank, Live Pure

Elin and Arnt Ropstad have recently moved into a completely new house of 170 sqm in Kristiansand, Norway, along with their two small children.
There is no doubt that the family has made some good choices, not only in terms of flooring, but also for the rest of the house.
When you enter this home, one can immediately notice the well planned architecture, with its many good and modern space solutions.

BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure
The home has a consistently Nordic style

-    We are very pleased with the house and the hardwood floor. I have to thank Richard who owns Atelier Ribe
(which is an exclusive interior and design shop in the center of Kristiansand) who gave us ideas for both the house architecture and the interior elements.

BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure
Most of the furniture is from Atleriet Ribe

Maintenance free hardwood flooring

The rooms are bright and open with large windows that contribute to the pleasant atmosphere in the home.
Most of the furniture is from Atleriet Ribe and is of Scandinavian design.
The floor is a light oak floor with Live Pure surface treatment that fits the interior very well.

BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure   BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure

See and read more about the surface treatment Live Pure here

-    In six years, the parquet in our previous home irritated me because it did not fit our modern style.
This hardwood floor fits perfect to our Nordic interior style, in addition it’s virtually maintenance-free! Says Elin.

BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure

The name of the hardwood floor is Oak Andante white, Live Pure. The parquet floor is installed all the way from the living room to the front door,
also to the kitchen, bedroom and wardrobe.
The couple decided that they could also lay the hardwood floor in the hallway because they have a laundry room downstairs that the whole family use on a daily basis.

BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure

The fact that the hardwood floor is also laid in the hallway means it flows uninterrupted through each room and binds them together in a beautiful and harmonious way.
The couple selected Oak Pearl with matt lacquer for the first and top floor, which also is a matt, light floor.

BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure
BOEN Oak Pearl, 3-strip

We have no problem with installing two different types of floors for our home, as long as the same finish is laid over each different level.
This creates cohesion and unity.

BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure
BOEN Oak Pearl, 3-strip

The parquet floor is a furniture itself

Although Elin had plenty of time to look for a nice parquet floor for their new home, was her experience that it was difficult to find the right floor.

BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure

-    We knew that we would go for a Plank hardwood floor because it is real and timeless. I wanted a light floor with a matt finish, even with two children.
Therefore, it became important to have a floor that was as maintenance-free as possible.
I also think it is wise to invest in the floor because it has so much to say for the house overall impression, and because it is harder to do something about the floor in retrospect.
We have learned that a lovely hardwood floor is the piece of furniture itself, and has a major impact on the rest of the interior.

BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure

Elin became curious when she discovered a picture of maintenance-free Oak Andante white, Live Pure.
She got the opportunity to take home with her a whole plank of the floor, which proved to make the choice easier.

BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure

-    It was much easier to come to a decision when we had the plank lying in the living room for a while.
Now I could get the feeling of how the floor was to walk on and really feel its structure.
It was also nice to see how the light fell on the parquet floor from day to day. I even got friends to come over so I could hear their opinion, laughs Elin.
This time we managed to come to a decision. We are so pleased with the floor and I have to say it’s worth all work of searching for the right floor.

BOEN Oak Andante white, Live Pure

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