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BOEN at the interior and housing fair in Bergen, Norway

By Vilde Høsfloth  – 

BOEN at the interior and housing fair in Bergen, Norway
Interiør & boligmessen in Norway was this year held in the center of Bergen, the city between the seven mountains. A fair created with a strong community spirit, with clear inspiration from Western site of Norway and with exotic grants from warmer climes.
Western Norway has long enchanted people with its great, yet varying and raw nature. Several have used the landscape as a source of inspiration and a lot of great design and art originates from here because of the prestigious Bergen National Academy of the Arts.

Interior boligmessen Bergen  Interior boligmessen Bergen  Interior boligmessen Bergen
City, mountain or fjord? Where do you want to live? Styling by Per Olav Sølvberg.

Art and design from Bergen

In Bergen we find a lot of art and Scandinavian design, with focus on natural materials. With this in mind, its nice that this year's interior and housing exhibition is held here, and it does not disappoint! Both large and small, new and well-established firms were present in Grieghallen. In addition to several players for interior, such as Dare to. Design Studio, could you also find Bakstehuste (picture in the in the middle below) and several of the city's coffee shops. This gave the fair a good and friendly atmosphere.
All cafe tables countertops are made of BOEN, Oak Sandy Grey

Interior boligmessen Bergen  Interior boligmessen Bergen  Interior boligmessen Bergen
The coffee bars offered coffee of the highest quality. Bakstehuset come with its baking car and Dare to. Design Studio showed us how to style a container.

This year's guest of honor, Gudy Herder

There were also several Norwegian professionals from the interior industry who attended the fair, including Helle Tjaberg, Per Olav Sølvberg and Halvor Bakke. And in the midst of all western culture and people we find an exotic person. As a warm and fresh breeze, attended trend expert and guest of honor for the fair, Gudy Herder.

Interior boligmessen Bergen  Interior boligmessen Bergen
Gudy Herder has produced three moodboards to present BOEN’s new floorings.

Mood Boarding become an inspiration wall

Gudy had come all the way from Barcelona, a place which itself is known for its rich cultural heritage. It was planned a private moodboard workshop where 60 creative souls together would create an inspiration wall. Gudy wanted to show that mood boarding is a nice tool for visualizing interior projects. She also had a speech where she swear that this technique is equally useful for professionals as for individuals. By putting together different elements like images, colors, textures and text can you easily see which items that fit together and which items you should focus on. In this way you can visualize the project so that people get a clear picture of how it's going to look like in real life.

Interior boligmessen Bergen  Interior boligmessen Bergen

  Interior boligmessen Bergen  Interior boligmessen Bergen
A wall of inspiration!

From idea to a finished product

And we from BOEN can tell you that mood board works. Gudy has in fact helped us develop our upcoming parquet flooring for 2017 using this growing technique. How she has gone forward from idea to finished product, was carefully explained in her lecture she had on our stand at the fair, where we was together with Parkett og Gulv.

  Interior boligmessen Bergen  Interior boligmessen Bergen  Interior boligmessen Bergen
The floors follows the upcoming interior trends: Essential, Drama is the new black and Pause.  

The world is getting smaller

With increasing use of digital channels as our inspiration source, we get aware of art and design from other parts of the world. This may result in a greater need to surround ourselves with art and design inspired from the place where we have an affinity for, where we comes from. This is something we've seen this year's at the Interiors & housing exhibition, which clearly is inspired by the West Coast of Norway. We either come together physically, as at fairs, or digital, we must still acknowledge how valuable it is to be inspired by other cultures and teach each other new techniques, such as mood boarding.
We can expect much great design in the future! It's just to keep up with the digital channels until the next years interior fairs.
Interior boligmessen Bergen  Interior boligmessen Bergen
BOEN delivered worktops to all the café tables in the room. Name of the parquet: Oak Sandy Grey

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