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By Marco Cattini  – 

There were especially two things Synnøve Karlsen found important while planning their house being built in Norway. The lamps and the hardwood floor.

Synnøve sees the floor as a piece of beautiful furniture; so it was one of the first things the family looked in to when they built their house found in Molde. It was finished in 2012, and has an incredible view of 222 spectacular mountain peaks. However, it’s not just the view that makes their home a good place to live for Synnøve and her family, over 200 square meters of Oak Andante, 138 mm wide plank, matt lacquered  was chosen to give a warm and golden colour, oozes quality and tradition. Just the way Synnøve wanted it.

Warm and cosy 

“The floor is without bevel and is floating undisturbed throughout the rooms. In earlier days, many oak hardwood floors yellowed, but it’s not the case with this hardwood floor. Nevertheless, it provides the home with a warm and cosy feeling. Nowadays people often choose white-pigmented hardwood floors, but we didn’t want that.”
-Why not?
“Our home has a Scandinavian and minimalist look and if we had gone for a white-pigmented floor, completely free of knots, it would look too sterile. We wanted the opposite, a golden and lively floor”, she explains.

Stue med sofa

Interior Conscious

“I love furnishing my home, and I also find it fun to help friends and family. I will say that I have an above average interest in interior decoration, and I get my inspiration from both interior magazines, blogs, websites and Instagram. Sometimes when I look for inspiration I notes that some people spend so much money on their house and interior décor, that they don’t have enough money left for a real hardwood floor. For me their priority is wrong.”
“The floor is a jewel and it will be in the home for a long time. Therefore, I think it’s important to choose a timeless and beautiful floor of good quality. Besides, everything else is much easier to replace”.

Gang og Stue

Recommends Floor Studio

Synnøve recommends the Product Finder at for those who can’t decide which hardwood floor they want. “It’s so smart. Here you can sort flooring in different categories; the type, colours, styles, with or without bevel, and so on. And in the end you will have a smaller range of floors that fits your style and your needs”.
Synnøve have recommended others to do the same.
“A friend of mine also used this tool, but she has traditional colours in her home so she ended up with a white-lacquered hardwood floor.  The white-lacquered floor is gorgeous in my friend’s home, but Synnøve seems satisfied with their golden and warm hardwood floor.”
“We are very pleased with the choice, and I will warmly recommend this service you find online”, says Synnøve Karlsen.


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