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Handcrafted, hardwood floors with character!

By Oda Tellefsen  – 

Oak Espressivo plank - Handcrafted wood floors!
Bring craftmanship and tradition into your home!
Natural elements that are typical for the Modern Rustic style of interior have inspired parquet flooring with character and a sense of personality. New for Autumn 2017 is Handcrafted, a series that shows the characteristics and originality of the natural tree. We plan, correct, and fill up cracks and knotholes wisely and with passion. This creates an exceptional and unique parquet flooring with deep knots, raised twigs, and deeply brushed surfaces, transforming the visual experience of the room. Using a process like this, BOEN creates sustainable floorings that are a perfect fit to the Modern Rustic style, where natural and handcrafted are key elements. 

Our new Handcrafted flooring creates a balance, where the “outdoors” moves inside the home and seamlessly blends with the Modern Rustic style. 

The beauty of imperfections!

Oak Espressivo is parquet with a natural warmth. It has a golden look, and the surface is treated with Live Natural Oil. For a home with character, this parquet combines beautifully with modern furniture and interior made of natural fabrics. 
Oak EspressivoModern Rustic - BOENOak Espressivo
The colour pallet of the tree is different, which is true for BOEN floors. A darker parquet matches well with modern furniture in light linen, or in combination with interior elements, such as wool and leather. Oak Antique Brown really brings out the dark colours of the wood, and gives us a feeling that indoors can feel like the outdoors. Modern Rustic is an earthy style which creates a more nostalgic impression.

Oak Antique BrownOak Antique BrownModern Rustic

Oak Espressiveo White, with its white pigmented oil, creates an honest expression which matches well with the style of Modern Rustic. The surface is brushed and the planks are chamfered on the longitudinal side. The focus is on handcrafted, which brings out the personality of the floor. This, combined with dark metal tables and chairs, will integrate this style to fit with both rustic and modern styles.

Oak Espressivo WhiteModern Rustic - BOENOak Espressivo White

Oak Epoca is a parquet that also brings out the natural texture in the flooring and combines perfectly with the darker wood furniture or natural elements like concrete. Cracks and knots are filled by hand with black filler. Some of the knots are set deeper or raised and the surface is planed by hand. The feel of the planks is very rustic and reflects the look.

Oak EpocaModern Rustric - BOEN Oak Epoca

 Another alternative to what is trending now, is Oak Vintage White. This light parquet is stylishly combined with modern dark furniture, and is well suited with jute rugs which also fits with the Modern Rustic style. By using ceramics in the interior, it brings forth the handcrafted elements that are the essentials of this interior design style.

Oak Vintage WhiteOak Vintage WhiteModern Rustic - BOEN

Sustainability is a key element in this hardwood flooring. They show us how the natural and the handcrafted can be combined in a stylish and creative way. 
Interested in some more inspiration? Check out our trend videos here! BOEN YouTube Channel 

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