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The hardwood floor that would last for generations

By Vilde Høsfloth  – 

Boen Chaletino Oak Coral
The hardwood floor that would last for generations
The family from Hamresanden in Norway wanted a floor that could last in the house for generations.
If you drive in one of the small side roads past Hamresanden in Kristiansand, you will come to a manor style house. The house is a
classical style and is as great on inside as on the outside. This also applies to the hardwood floor.

Oak Sand Chaletino

-    Our floor is something everyone notices and comments on as soon as they walk through our door! I do not think there is anyone
who has not commented about the floor when they come to visit. We are very satisfied.

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The floor comes from 200 year old oak trees

It takes a lot to not notice the beautiful oak floor, with boards 30 cm wide and 2.75 meters long. The parquet floor is named
Chaletino, Oak Coral, made from timber sourced from oaks up to 200 years old. It is one of BOENs largest format and most
exclusive floors.

Oak Sand Chaletino

Oak Sand Chaletino

Oak Sand Chaletino

Both the floors width, length, color and structure stands in harmony with the house's classic interiors and architecture. The couple who
own the house have bought many of the furnishings from Artwood, Englesson in Oslo, Norway. The owner also helped them with the
styling of their home. With its fine furnishing, this home requires a floor that can complement the quality.

-    Our dining chairs, from Riviera Maison, were the basis for how our entire home was going to look. I am very detailed with textile
and products of good quality. I imagined a warm and timeless floor that could fit in with the rest of our home. I was determined
on buying wood flooring and the floor should have an oiled surface to give a natural expression.We are patriots, so we wanted to
use a local suppliers such as BOEN flooring.

Oak Sand Chaletino

Oak Sand Chaletino

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Found the perfect floor after 6 months

The couple knew what they was looking for. Yet it turned out to be a difficult task finding the perfect hardwood floor that would
complement for generations. The owners spent some six months finding the right floor.

-    The floor is one of the most important elements in a home, and we saw this as a one-time investment. We wanted a floor we could
be 100% satisfied with, but it was hard to imagine how the floor would fit our home. One day I saw a picture of a Chaletino floor from
BOEN in an interior magazine. That was when I decided that it was this type of floor I wanted.

Oak Sand Chaletino

Oak Sand Chaletino

The final decision was taken when the man of the house, who is a carpenter, came home with a whole plank of Oak Coral Chaletino
borrowed from a local retailer. When the plank was lay in our living room, we both could finally imagine how nice it would be in our home!

Oak Sand Chaletino

The couple believe that the parquet will remain in their house for many years to come and more people will continue to admire this lovely
wide plank floor.

- The floor will remain in this house at least for as long as we can, says the owner while she’s laughing.

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