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House renovated, hardwood flooring came first

Af Vilde Høsfloth  – 

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Tonje Olafsen - House renovated, hardwood flooring came first
Tonje Olafsen and Gisle Vangberg had in front of them many choices when their house from 1954 should be renovated. They started with the parquet.
Tonje Olafsen and Gisle Vangberg decided to renovate their house which was built in 1954.  In setting a renovation budget they visited Parketten AS in Stavanger to see what parquet floors were available, "When we first saw the parquet display in the shop we were shocked at the choice, and couldn’t get it out of our minds", laughs Tonje Olafsen.
The parquet finally chosen was BOEN Chaletino 300mm Wide Plank in Oak Traditional White with matching skirting’s also supplied by BOEN and was installed over underfloor heating.
“I’m glad we picked the parquet early in setting the budget as both the underfloor heating and parquet were costly, having said that, we both agreed that the parquet floor was one of the most important furnishing choices we were going to make” said Tonje.  

No Compromise

The renovation project completed by Tonje and Gisle had to be kept to the budget but it was decided not compromise on materials being used in the renovation, the couple decided that they wanted a white and stylish kitchen with contrasting parquet that looked rugged and cool.  “From the outside the house looks old in design but is very modern inside with plain whitewashed walls, with this in mind a robust and lively floor was needed” says Tonje.

Stue med peis

Modern and Nostalgic

With a design style requirement of “Past meets the Present” Tonje and Gisle were drawn to two of the BOEN style concepts, Modern Rustic and Pure Nordic knowing the floor chosen would match their requirements.  Modern Rustic has an honest and rough expression, and draws elements from both previous generations and contemporary modern design. Pure Nordic gets its inspiration from the nature and the materials are characterized by the genuine and natural.
“The BOEN Chaletino plank parquet floor has exactly the expressions we were looking for.  It also became the starting point for many other decisions” says Tonje. 

Questions and Answers

As the family were installing the parquet themselves it was important that all their questions were answered as to installation.  With the help of the shop, family carpenter and BOEN reassurance was given in planning, installation and maintenance. “Tonje and Gisle even called BOEN to check on the compatibility of the Chaletino Planks with underfloor heating”, explains Tonje. 
After installation a solid oil coating was applied to the parquet to give extra protection with cleaning and maintenance being kept to a minimum using a vacuum cleaner and dry mop.

“We are very pleased with the parquet floor from BOEN and I’m sure will last a very long time” says Tonje.

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