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Indoor Plants

Af Gudy Herder  – 

3 Ways of how to integrate indoor plants in your home decor
We all know plants add life to our home, providing the decor with a touch of the
 nature without needing to step outside.
Another very positive argument is, caring for a few house plants is known to
boost happiness levels. Who doesn't enjoy seeing the fruits of your labour grow
and bloom ? With a bit of care and botanical maintenance, everybody can have
a green thumb!

After two years of seeing mainly the hanging plant trend with kokedamas, macrame or
 leather plant hangers and vertical gardens, we can observe a new micro trend within the
green world. It's not about having bits and pieces of your plants all gathered around your
home but grouping them together creating little Jungle Islands.
Let's see three examples that are currently trending:

1. Random floor grouping

Lately, there is some plant grouping going on in the blogger and styling world often
characterized by clustering many cacti providing a more dessert feel approach.
But you can always go for plants with larger leaves, too, and rather go for a jungle effect.
It depends on your space and mood.

Anna Pirkola

Shop sweet things

Nomad Collective via Bliss

What you'll see as a common feature are basically terracotta or monochromatic pots.
The are lovely once they are a bit weathered already giving some more character to the group.

2. Bar cart displays

Potted plants on a bar cart are very popular now. Well, bar carts are huge right now!
This is just one of the many uses they currently get. You can find them in antique brass,
iron, open basket shelves style, polished stainless steel or wood. There have never
been so many possibilities and ways of styling it.


SF Girl By Bay

House Doctor vie Notre Loft

I personnally love the idea of a herb garden as seen on the second image as long as you
have enough day light and possibly a sunny spot in your kitchen. It's a lot about bringing
the outdoors in here and gives you an extra kick of healthy living.

3. Furniture support

We have seen over the past 2-3 years that certain furniture has been develooped to display
indoor plants but I find it much more creative repurposing any objects you already have in
your home and use them as a plant stand. The trick is to play with heights to add some interest.

Sugar and Cloth

Jeska Hearne


You could go for stools and use them as plant stands only, open-up a ladder adding shelves
or get one of the wonderful Sinnerlig pieces Ilse Crawford (studioilse.com) has designed
for IKEA (link: ikea.com) and use the cork bench for your plants. Notice that when
you paint your wall in that kind of teal, the backdrop adds some sophistication to a rather
eco-looking vignette (plants+terracotta+cork) ?

The choice you make on your plantsmight depend on your lifestyle (do you travel a lot?),
lighting conditions or the size you can provide for the plant to grow.
Here (today.com) is an interesting article for 15 easy indoor plants in case you are
doubting which to choose.

Gudy Herder, Eclectic Trends (eclectictrends.com)

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