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We get a lot of credit for our hardwood floor

Af Marco Cattini  – 

BOEN Oak Andante white
Credit: Hanne Rom Havaas - Instagram: @hanneromhavaas
BOEN Oak Andante white
BOEN Oak Andante white
Several of the family’s neighbors thinks the hardwood floor is so nice, they chose the same themselves.
We are very pleased with the hardwood floor, so we have no problem recommend it to our neighbors, says Hanne Rom Havaas. 

In 2010, the 450 square meter house in Lyngdal placed in Norway was completed. The building master placed Oak Andante plank from BOEN Flooring in every room in the house, except the hallway, bathroom and laundry room. Since then, several of the couple’s neighbors have stopped by to get ideas for their own housing constructions. Everyone has commented the hardwood floor. - The floor is always one of the first things people notice when they come visiting us, and they want to know where it comes from. 

The hardwood floor finishes the house

- It is a beautiful hardwood floor, and I think it suits the house very well. In the living room we have windows all the way down to the floor, and it's like the hardwood floor is floating undisturbed throughout the rooms, explains the owner. Hanne’s husband, Rune Havaas, wanted a bright and stylish hardwood floor, which had a sheltered expression, but not with a yellow colour. Finally, they got what they were looking for. - Yes, we were looking many different places, but BOEN Oak Andante always seemed to be popular as It was exhibited in several shops, and we
noticed quite quickly that this was the right hardwood floor for us.

Oak Andante white

Prioritised the hardwood floor

Hannes tells that they allowed themselves to choose exactly the floor they wanted, and
that they would rather save money on other things that are easier to replace.
We prioritized the hardwood floor; it's supposed to be installed in the house for many years.
The floors areas and the windows are so big that the hardwood floor becomes very visible
and it’s therefore very important that it looks nice. The hardwood floor is white matt lacquered
and has a natural expression that the family was looking for.

A natural light color

- We considered many hardwood floors before we came to a decision, but it seems that
this hardwood floor had the most natural light color and had a nice and vibrant
structure of the wood. Some matt lacquered hardwood floors can look milky white,
I think that these floors looks fake, she says.

Hanne did not want a hardwood floor that takes too much attention, so that she have to
take consideration of how she furnished her home.
The hardwood floor looks well with everything. We don’t need to take the hardwood floor
into consideration when we choose furniture and colours for our house, that I’m glad,
explains 38-year-old Hanne.

Oak Andante white

 She and her husband have three small children, and after five or six years, there is
little visible marks. – One can see that the floor is used a little where the children are
mostly sitting and playing, but of course, this is as expected. The hardwood floor is
after all a natural product. There are no unsightly marks, so it must be a hardwood floor
of good quality. We are certainly very pleased, says Hanne Rooms Havaas.

Lister er i samme farge som gulvet gjør at rommet føles større
Skirting boards in the same color as the hardwood floor makes the room look bigger

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