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She has changed the hardwood floors in all houses she ever owned

Af Marco Cattini  – 

She has changed the hardwood floors in all houses she ever owned
Renate Martinsen-Bogen knows most of what there is to know about redecorating. And changing hardwood floors.
- I like to see possibilities and redecorate. It is fun to create something new. Also, I like to make things my own,
says Renate Martinsen-Bogen.

The house she and her husband Fredrik Martinsen-Bogen recently bought in Røyken, Norway, is the third house
they renovate together. In all of which the most important task has been to find the right kind of hardwood floor.
That´s why they have changed it in all three houses.

- Flooring is very, very important to me. It makes the room, says Martinsen-Bogen as she explains that a perfect
hardwood floor should harmonize with both style and interior design.

Oak White Nights is perfect

When she and her husband renovated the newly bought, but also run down house from 1971, they decided
on a clean cut style. That´s why they wanted a light and fair hardwood floor, with both character and personality.

- We saw Oak White Nights from BOEN, and felt it was perfect for us. The coarse structure within makes a nice
contrast to the clean lines, she utters.

Martinsen-Bogen is store manager at the home improvement store Montér Slemmestad,
and she works daily with flooring. She knows, therefore, most of what there is to know about floors.

According to her, the advantage of parquet is that it is vivid and vibrant. 
All the pieces of wood are different, which again create an interesting, striking look.

Legging trappaGang

There are different types of flooring. A hardwood floor consists of planks made from single pieces of timber.
The planks of laminate floor, on the other hand, are made from several layers of wood,
glued together to the form of planks.

- Hardwood floor is maybe warmer and snugger than laminate flooring. But then again, it is easier to get
scratches and notches in the hardwood floor compared to laminate flooring.

Although, she doesn´t fear disruptive notches in her new hardwood floor.
- That´s because it has a rustic touch. Scratches and notches will hardly be visible.


It is important to Martinsen-Bogen that their style and interior design, harmonize.
At the same time, she fancies elements of contrast.

They have chosen the BOEN hardwood flooring for the living room, kitchen, hall way, and the small stair case in the
hall way. In the bed room, however, they went for a different solution. The existing hardwood floor was stripped down.
Subsequently they applied Osmo-wax. By doing so, the old hardoow floor got almost same color as the new
hardwood floor from BOEN, creating a holistic look.

- We did the same with the thresholds. The effect is great, it creates a visual flow between the rooms.
We have also decided on no floor mats, since we think the hardwood floor is a jewel in it self.

The couple selected their new hardwoodfloor before they decided on color for the walls. Martinsen-Bogen tells that
they ended up with the colors Valmuefrø and Grå Skifer from Jotun, because they harmonize well with both each
other and the hardwood floor.

Overgang lister

The couple is really happy with the results of the renovation.

- We think it looks great. We love it. And the result is even better than expected.

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