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Classic Elegance Moodboard Techniques

Af Gudy Herder  – 

Classic Elegance and Defining an Interior Style through Moodboarding
Today we see the fourth and last style of our moodboard series. It's all about Classic Elegance this time.
The four characteristic interior styles were developed together with Helle Tjaberg www.egetrom.no – to select the  right flooring for your home.

Let's see again as we have done already with the three former posts, what this style is about and how to select its keywords to be translated in images and materials later  on our board.

Classic Elegance is mainly characterized through a well planned interior where 
nothing has been left to chance with high quality standards and symmetric 
grouping of furniture and accessories translated into the two tartan upholstered 
armchairs standing opposite and you can observe on the image above.

The colour palette that matches includes warmer neutrals but we'll find a beautiful teal shade as well. It's often a very subtle tone-in-tone look breathing comfort and balance.Fabrics such as silk or velvet would give the perfect classic and elegant feel here. But flower prints on fabrics and wallpaper are a perfect match too. Golden elements and tassels could work and give you an idea of the allover classic approach her.

The wood colours in the classic style are warm and rather deep. The range goes from golden tones to deeper browns where some are featuring almost a black finishing. It's a timeless but contemporary style leaving room for elements of creative innovation. Nothing is set in stone, and the owner decides on what particular objects she/he wants to integrate to make it personal and authentic.

In case you want to get some ideas by the three former styles and their mood boards, please hop 
over to Pure Nordic (Moodboarding-Pure-Nordic), Modern Rustic (Moodboarding-Modern-Rustic) and Urban Contrast ( Moodboarding-Urban-Contrast).

I hope you got some inspiration out of this series, and I see you soon again!

Gudy Herder, Eclectic Trends (eclectictrends.com)

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