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Trend Post from IMM (Germany) - part 1

Af Gudy Herder  – 

Trend expert Gudy Herder visited the leading German Interior Design Show IMM at Cologne and found some exiting fabrics and colours.
I have been a steady visitor to the leading German Interior Design Show IMM Cologne (imm-cologne.com) for the past 3 years. This year there was not a lot of news concerning interior trends but I still observed a couple of really interesting new colors, fabrics and specific micro trends I am going to report about in an upcoming post.

This show has become an important showroom for international brands and everyone who is interested in contemporary design might have a great time here. The Stage was particularly interesting where I had the opportunity to listen to different speakers and get an up-date on other experts' views.

But if there is a major change now in the industry, it is this: I started realizing about three years ago that fashion is playing a much bigger role now in the interior world, and trends are adapted much faster than they used to. Interior and fashion were somehow paralel universes but without being blended on a larger scale.

But almost every color discovered on a catwalk now is in some way applied the following seasons (starting with the pastel tones 3 years ago) which makes me focus more on fashion again, and takes me back to the old days when I used to work in that field. But it's not just colour - fabrics and complex micro trends are adapted too.

Let's see today 2 colour and fabric trends that will come up. Please note it's a very early observation,we might give them a year to get stronger.


IMM Trend Post Klein Blue 
Vitra | J.Crew

International Klein Blue (IKB) is a deep blue hue, first mixed by the French artist Yves Klein (yveskleinarchives.org).
Contrary to popular belief, Klein never patented IKB, and you see the color adapted nowadays to different disciplines and
translated by trendsetting brands Vitra (vitra.com) and Moroso (moroso.it).

Moroso | Roberto Torretta
IMM Trend Post Klein Blue

After several seasons with blue shades, this was basically the one missing. It's a statement color, bold and expressive and goes
very well with white and black environments.


 IMM Trend Post Cognac 2
Gubi | Alessando del Accqua

My highlight was seeing cognac as an upcoming trend color, very few brands are working with it so far and my forecast is,
we are going to see much more in AW 15/16. It's an early observation, but I am pretty sure about its future application.

IMM Trend Post Cognac 1
Mambo | Franziska Mueller

It's a rich, warm earthy tone and just goes nicely with everything. You won't get tired of it, and the secret here is to use it on
contemporary pieces. Otherwise it might get a little 70's. The leather industry will probably hop on the train too and deep
tanned leather sofas (which are already here being vintage pieces) and armchairs are going to be developped from that former
reference of vintage pieces.


IMM Trend Post Tartan 2
Buzzi Space | Tsumori Chisato

It's interesting to see how much a trend depends on the market itself.  This winter I spotted a lot of the criss-crossed horizontal
and vertical bands in multiple colours when visiting London basically designed in deep green and navy blue.

IMM Trend Post Tartan 1
Buzzi Space | See by Chloe

In Spain, however that' s not quite something that is having an impact so far. It might get stronger the following Autumn season
but Tartan is still a very classy pattern belonging traditionwise more to the Scottish Highland culture. Talking interior design,
Buzzi Space (buzzispace.com) who is based in Antwerp, Belgium seems to be already into tartan with different colour
combinations, and I am really curious to see who comes next.


IMM Trend Post Tweed 2
Zeitraum | Thakoon

The uptown classic is back. Once the domain of Chanel (chanel.com), tweed now comes frayed and fringed in fashion and
slightly starts to see light in the interior world in a two-tone-style on upholstered chairs, armchairs and sofas. Certainly a move
to observe for the colder seasons to come! I could easily see tweed designs in 2016 on cushions, throws and lamp shades!

IMM Trend Post Tweed 1
Zeitraum | Maiyet

And to finish up, German brand Zeitraum (zeitraum-moebel.de) is one of these companies that is very much into artisan work.
They understand quite a bit about fashion and did not doubt a moment to apply muted pastels on their wood furniture with
mint blue, acque blue or salmon pink finishigs.

Best regards from the interior trend world!
Gudy Herder, eclectictrends.com

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