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Care & Maintenance

BOEN floors, whether treated with lacquer or oil, have a surface which protects the floor from damage. Over time, this surface should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. If the floor is well taken care of, it will remain beautiful for decades.

How to keep your floor beautiful

General Rulesoil freshen up and floor soap for oiled flooring

  • For normal domestic cleaning all you need is a mop, a brush or a vacuum cleaner.
  • Use the appropriate cleaning product for the type of surface you have (oiled or lacquered).
  • Never pour water onto your parquet floor as the wood might swell and damage the floor.
  • With regular use a cleaning agent acts as a natural moisturising agent. The floor surface will become more resistant to soiling and the appearance of wear.    
  • In order to prevent unwanted and unnecessary scratching, please use felt pads on furniture i.e. tables and chairs
  • For chairs with casters, please use an appropriate underlay pad
  • In entrance areas, especially those with high traffic, you should place door mats and door scrapers to remove dirt and grit, as this act’s like sandpaper       

Daily cleaning - Oiled Floors

  • When washing, use BOEN Floor Soap.
  • DO NOT use ammonia on oak parquet.
  • Difficult marks can be removed with a strong mixture of water/BOEN Floor Soap.

How to maintain - Oiled Floor

  • Use BOEN Oil Freshen Up for regular maintenance.
  • BOEN sell repair-kits for most types of parquet.

Daily cleaning of Lacquered FloorsRefresher and Cleaner for lacquered flooring

  • We do not recommend re-lacquering of new floors.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner and dry mop for daily cleaning.
  • When removing difficult marks, use a strong mixture of water/BOEN Cleaner.
  • DO NOT use ammonia on oak flooring

How to maintain - Lacquered Floor

  • BOEN Refresher should be used to maintain lacquer with normal gloss finish.
  • BOEN POLISH  should be used to maintain parquet with matt lacquer.
  • BOEN sell repair-kits for lacquered and matt lacquered parquet.

If you want your floor to stay looking as good as the day you bought it, we recommend regular maintenance.

How often you maintain your floor will depend on how you use and treat it.

Download the BOEN Care&Maintenance brochure DE + GB